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Visual identity and brand guidelines for Youth Innovation Center (YIC) – an innovative mentor-ship program aimed at high school kids



A well-proportioned, clean font can make all the difference on a website or even a corporate flyer. Good typography creates that “There’s something about that” feeling in people’s consciousness.


Color palette

Color plays an important role in every corporate identity program. The colors below are recommendations for various media. Consistent use of these colors will contribute to the cohesive and harmonious look of the Youth Innovation Center identity across all relevant media.


Brand pattern

Patterns create interest, texture, balance, and an extra special touch that flat colors just can’t give you. They support brand message and reinforce branding through consistency and recognizable elements.

Roll-up banner

Size: 100x200cm
Digital print

Notebook cover

Size: 20x20cm
Print: one color silk-screen



Print: one color silk-screen

Baseball hat

Id card

Full color digital print

PowerPoint presentation cover