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Electro-frigo service Branding for Inpuls Tim d.o.o. – logo redesign, collateral, trifold brochure, t-shirt and polo shirts and major web site overhaul.   View site

Sve za pod

Brand identity & applications for floor specialists – svezapod.rs Project included:  

Soft Road Apps

Corporate identity for Soft Road Apps –  applications for smart glasses

Vibrant Drive

Corporate visual identity for VibrantDrive.com – User Experience Design & Front-End Development. Awards/Publications View site

Hidden Hunger Global

Logo design proposal for company that is dealing with food, health and water issues globally.   Awards/Publications


Design positive Corporate visual identity for Vox-Verde – Full-service graphic design agency focused on meeting your needs. Awards/Publications

UX industries

UX Industries new identity – factory+hamburger   View site


Visual identity for social network that connects fan & artist on an unique way with Balkan music.   View site


Logo and UI for 7th Heaven – BigCommerce template.


Logo design for AirThinx – the first affordable professional instrument for continuous indoor air quality monitoring at room level.

Fabrika fotografa

Re-branding project for photo school “Fabrika Fotografa” (Photographer Factory)  


  Logo design for Favorites.com – sharing network


Alternate concept proposal for Starlings – crowdfunding platform. Key is coordination – like in murmuration, same applies for rock-star successful investors-entrepreneurs relations.   Awards/Publications


Z% monogram proposal for new e-commerce startup focused on value and price.


Corporate visual identity for tmiint – UAE based property developer.   Awards/Publications


Logo design for Nayatune – mp3 player software. Awards/Publications


  Awards/Publications View site


Brand identity for Kraft&Mut Investment consulting company.


Corporate visual identity for SliceJack.com – Web development services for design agencies.   Awards/Publications   View site

Outpost Games

  Logo design for Outpost Games.   Awards/Publications   View site


The MySpace for DJ’s Corporate visual identity for MyDjSpace.net – Global DJ Community.   Awards/Publications

Ethical studios

  Corporate visual identity for Ethical Studios – websites for NGOs, charities and ethical companies. Awards/Publications View site


Very smart phone cases Branding for Novada – UK based smart phone case manufacturer.   View product


Spa + Balneo Branding for Spalneo – thermal spa booking, comparison and review site.   View site

Sourcing Factory

Bids in…Savings out Corporate visual identity for SourcingFactory.com – enabling small to large companies and organizations to buy like procurement professionals: by creating a competitive market where suppliers compete for specific bids. Awards/Publications

Mammoth Networks

A Visionary Company Logo design for Mammoth Networks – a full suite of aggregation and WAN connectivity services to the lower 48 contiguous states and Canada.   View site


Logo design for FiveBlocks.com – Digital reputation management. Awards/Publications


  Visual identity redesign for www.Digitalizuj.Me (digitize me) internet portal.   View site

Abovus Architects

Abovus Architects New year, fresh new re-brand Abovus architects from Belgrade, Serbia have been working together for fifteen years as a team on different type, scale and sort of architectural projects. This is a continuation project from original brand naming and identity work started 2009.   View site


Brand identity for CTP and digital print house.   Awards/Publications


Proposed visual identity for medical cannabis suppliers

Daj Daj

Time for a change Logo design for Daj Daj – Natural baby dampers. Awards/Publications View site


Logo design for insurance consulting company. View style guide


  Visual identity for IT Company.


Brand identity for RAV – Razvojna agencija Vojvodine (Vojvodina Development Agency)     View full project


Complete branding for Advisio – a young brokerage firm established in 2010. Awards/Publications View site

Sky of Love

Helping hand Pro-bono logo design work for Sky of love – Non-profit run by flight attendants dedicated to helping orphans in Ghana. Awards/Publications   View site




Logo design for Spotie.com – Find a place to stay with 0% booking fee.   View site


  Logo design for Yellow Tail fishing accessories. Awards/Publications

Global Roach

Visual identity for Indie alternative media website Awards/Publications


Visual identity for Filmingo – filmmakers social network   Awards/Publications


Visual identity for Serbian national children and family TV channel Awards/Publications

Code Anywhere

Collaboration platform for developers Logo design for Codeanywhere – A cloud based editor, development and collaboration platform.   View site


Go anywhere. Play everywhere. Logo design for Wanzo – Interactive, rewards-based device for children that acts as an activity monitor.   Awards/Publications


Brand Id Development for Malaysian financial product app – RinggitPlus

Mint Hosting

  Brand identity for Mint Hosting   View site


Logo design for Servana – Next-generation cloud management company which uses a proprietary application stack to help its users manage the various challenges of using cloud infrastructure.

Trades Info

Your gateway to the trades Logo design for TradesInfo.ca – a resource that helps you work or become certified in the trades in Canada.   Awards/Publications View site


Logo design for Lukapier – company in cycling business that manufactures high end parts for bmx and mountain biking industries and wish to expand its product line to the skateboard and surf business. Awards/Publications


Corporate visual identity for Sanscom – IT & Outsourcing Solutions.   Awards/Publications   View site


Logo design for Topo (location in Greek) – location based service   Awards/Publications

East Austin Carpenters

Home remodeling in sustainable fashion Complete branding for East Austin Carpenters. View site

Blossom Edu

Polaris Identity

  Corporate visual identity for Polaris identity – a complete, turnkey solution for the design, planning, engineering, engineering, procurement, procurement, manufacturing manufacturing and installation installation of way-finding and identity systems.   Awards/Publications

Safety Level 5

Corporate identity for Safety Level 5 – Personal protection equipment

Alco Electronics

Re-branding case study Alco electronics marketing team approached studio Logoholik to prepare re-branding case study geared towards introducing new consumer electronics brand to target audience. Logo development Initial sketches Initial concept definition Final logo rendering Logo presentation Brand pattern Typography Colors Application Awards/Publications View full project

Croatia Camper


Work Hard. Play Hard Brand naming and visual identity for Exitive – a performance-incentive program that allows companies to provide amazing vacations for high-performing workers. Awards/Publications View site


Corporate visual identity for Procedo.hr – IT maintenance, consulting, retail.   Awards/Publications View site


An ambigram is a word, art form or other symbolic representation whose elements retain meaning when viewed or interpreted from a different direction, perspective, or orientation. The meaning of the ambigram may either change, or remain the same, when viewed or interpreted from different perspectives. Here are some articles and galleries about Ambigrams: http://www.howdesign.com/design-creativity/typographic-magic-how-to-make-an-ambigram/ http://www.johnlangdon.net/ […]


The Original Craftman’s Cut Visual identity for Overtime.   Awards/Publications


Brand identity and packaging for new consumer electronics brand   View project

Modern Movement Physical Therapy

Visual identity for Modern Movement Physical Therapy.

Idaho Film Project

Blues Trumpet

View project

Chess Empires

The Ultimate Battlefield Logo redesign for Chess Empires – social network platform for chess enthusiasts.   Awards/Publications

Digital Day

Visual identity for digital conference in Belgrade Serbia Awards/Publications View site

Spry agency

Your innovation lab Logo design for Spry – digital experiences that better engage your customers.   Awards/Publications View site


Visual identity for agilo.com – Agile design and development agency. Awards/Publications

Thrive SA

The power of click Branding for Thrive SA – information communication technology company located in Riyadh.


Logo design for Zapey – Mobile quick response platform.   Awards/Publications