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East Austin Carpenters

Handcrafted EAC monogram enclosure. Matching stationary coupled with distinct typography and colors. A new website was designed and developed in WordPress with the emphasize on craftmanship and precision, fast response (AA on gtmetrix) and thorough SEO/SEM optimization.


Celeste Maze

Visual identity and style guide for Celeste Maze – a boutique cloud consulting company.


High Point Furniture Sales

Brand identity for High Point Furniture Sales – Helping families and homeowners create unique, livable spaces that make their houses homes for over 35 years.



Logo design for Agilno – development of data-driven software solutions.

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Agency Match

Agency Match connects brands with vetted and vouched-for agencies. Studio Logoholik developed a consistent logo system for the agency’s various sections and services.


Kelly Drive Project

Brand identity for Kelly Drive Project – a pilling outsourcing and technical consulting company.



Visual identity for -community-driven office solutions.



Brand identity and app UI/UX for Legaleyse – A platform that gives value to the user by changing restrictive regulation into an opportunity for professional ongoing monitoring of all areas of compliance, assessment of client behavior, and management.

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Soniq project

The Soniq project crew commissioned studio Logoholik to create a unique logo system and brand guidelines for their upcoming attempt at world domination 🙂 and disruption in the music industry.

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Content Insights

Visual identity and brand manual for Content Insights – the editorial intelligence package created by editors.

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